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Question for your hot tub and swim spa.

We have made it quick and simple. Scroll down to the end of the FAQ section. Just fill in the form “Ask Your Question” and submit. We will consult one of our specialists and answer you soon by email.

Consult the troubleshooting guide in the back of your Hot Spring spa owner’s manual. In it you will find step-by-step instructions that help owners check for common issues. This troubleshooting process does not require any technical ability to perform.

Our Customer Care specialists are available to assist – please give us a call at 303-296-7727 and ask to speak to Customer Care

You can either download the owner’s manual above or contact our Customer Care specialists and we can mail you a hard copy at no charge. Call 303-296-7727 and ask for Customer Care.

Yes. We can order parts directly from Watkins, the manufacturer of Hot Spring Spas. If they do not carry the original component, a replacement component of equal or better quality will be provided. We can also provide a replacement cover for your spa that fits the corners and cover locks. If you are not comfortable replacing the parts, please call 303-296-7727 and ask for a visit from one of our factory trained technicians.

Only authorized dealers may sell Hot Spring spas directly to consumers. However, Hot Spring provides warranty coverage for your spa purchase and offers the strongest warranty in the industry. We also offer a warranty on parts purchased and installed by authorized dealers. That’s us. Just call us at 303-296-7727 for help.

Floaters dispense chemicals into the spa water 24/7, whether they’re needed or not. When the spa is closed and the jets off, the floater will stay in one location in the spa, spilling chemicals onto the horizontal surfaces immediately below it. Because the tablet does not dissolve evenly, those bits will etch and pit the plastic shell surface, leaving a rough surface that will not be comfortable to sit on and can damage swimsuits. These rough patches cannot be sanded or removed from the shell. Talk to us about better solution in water care for your hot tub and we can explore the great options available to keep you and your water happy.

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