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2019 Limelight Pulse Hot Tub

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What's New in 2019 Hot Tubs?

If you’ve been thinking about buying a hot tub, this is your year. The 2019 Hot Spring® spa Collections—the Highlife® Collection, the Limelight® Collection, and Hot Spot® Spas — have exciting new options and improvements and still continuing to provide The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®.  

This year, use your time to take care of you, because your hot tub practically takes care of itself. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new from Hot Spring in 2019.

FreshWater Hot Spring Hot Tubs


Clean water is essential to a refreshing, clean and clear hot tub experience. Or new salt water is factory-integrated on Hot Spring Highlife Collection and Limelight Collection spas. The titanium cartridge-based FreshWater™ Salt System generates chlorine from salt. The salt is automatically released into your hot tub water which removes the hassle of manual sanitizers. The system produces natural-feeling, Clean and fresh water that won’t irritate eyes and skin.

Relax and Let the Fresh, clean water Surround you

FreshWater Hot Spring Hot Tubs
2019 Hot Spring hot tub collection

New 2019 Hot Spring Collections

Hot Spring is known for introducing the most advanced innovations in hot tub technology year after year, and 2019 is no exception. New models are more beautiful, comfortable, and easier to care for than ever. This year, new designer-selected cabinet colors and finishes, as well as a new shell color option, make it simple for hot-tub shoppers to match their spas with their home aesthetic. Six models in the Highlife Collection feature luxurious lounge seating.

The Luxury Features of the Highlife Hot Tub

• Better water with the FreshWater™ Salt System that creates pure, smooth water with minimal effort.
• Highlife Collection spas feature dishwasher-safe Tri-XⓇ filters. They provide up to 325 square feet of filtration to strain 100% of the water, 100% of the time.
• Better massage experience with the powerful Moto-Massage® DX jet, that offer a deluxe, targeted massage. They are an innovation unique to Hot Spring Spas. The Moto-Massage DX jets produce water streams that move up and down your back. .
• Additional exclusive jets include the Soothing StreamⓇ, Jet StreamⓇ, and Rotary Hydromassage jets, powered by robust WavemasterⓇ pumps.
• Highlife Collection spas offer top energy efficiency via the Energy SmartⓇsystem, which is integrated into all aspects of construction.
• Heat is locked in with full foam insulation, applied in multiple layers of varying density. The ultimate in hot tub energy efficiency, this is the same insulation used in commercial freezers .
• The SilentFlo 5000Ⓡ circulation pump expends less energy than a 40 watt light bulb.
• The No-FaultⓇ heater maximizes heat transfer. Any excess heat generated by the equipment compartment is captured and channeled into the water by a pump shroud, ensuring each watt of electricity used goes as far as possible.

• Hot tub covers are specially designed with a carefully constructed hinge seal that keeps the heat from escaping. The bottom is insulated with a polymeric base pan with structural.
• Exceptional support is provided by the polymeric substructures compared to wood substructures.
• SmartJetⓇ system allows users to direct water flow only to the jets they are using so even the jets are energy-efficient.
• Additional feature of the Highlife Collection spas in 2019 are intuitive, high-tech controls and the optional Connextion® Remote Monitoring System, beautiful LuminescenceⓇ LED spa lighting, and an optional wireless entertainment system with extended BluetoothⓇ technology.

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