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Blog- Freshwater Salt Water hot tub
Blog - Hot Tubs

Simple and Effective Hot Tub Salt Water System

Your hot tub can be your daily wellness oasis. Early in the morning, you can rise and rejuvenate in the warm water. After dinner, you can prepare for a good night’s sleep with a relaxing soak. Whether enjoying hydrotherapy alone or hosting friends and family, using your hot tub can offer joyful experiences.

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2019 Hot Spring Highlife Hot Tub
Blog - Hot Tubs

Find The Right 2019 Hot Spring Hot Tub Model

The best hot tub for you is the one you’ll use frequently. To find the perfect model for you and your family, consider the ways in which you’ll use your spa. How many people will enjoy it regularly? What features are you most looking forward to: massage jets, lounge seats, entertainment options? Are you looking for health or wellness benefits, such as relief of sore muscles and improving your sleep?

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2019 Limelight Pulse Hot Tub
Blog - Hot Tubs

What’s New in 2019 Hot Tubs?

If you’ve been thinking about buying a hot tub, this is your year. The 2019 Hot Spring® spa Collections—the Highlife® Collection, the Limelight® Collection, and Hot Spot® Spas — have exciting new options and improvements and still continuing to provide The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®.

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