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Endless Pool swim spa Aqua Bike

endless pools Swim Spas • aqua bike

Take a spin on an Aqua Bike in an Endless Pools Swim Spa

The Aqua Bike water bike for swim spas offers smart, ergonomic features for long-lasting fitness and fun for the whole family.

What is an Aqua bike? It is a lightweight, removable, stationary bike that goes in the water in your swim spa. It gives you a workout that is more effective than indoor cycling and it is very gentle on your body. Take a spin workout on the water bike for calorie burning and heart health and because you are in water of a swim spa, there is minimal joint impact.

By cycling in water, you get increased core engagement plus 360° resistance to build strength and recover faster.

Just look at what you get in your swim spa bike…

• Lightweight Construction: easily move it in and out of the pool
• Sturdy Frame: silicone stability feet for your security, even when you are standing
• Padded Pedals: with barefoot comfort in mind
• 5 Adjustment Points: legs, seat & handlebars are adjustable for a perfect fit
• Fast Drainage: through underside perforations
• Silicone Wheels: provide smooth repositioning and protect your pool's liner

2019 Aqua Bike for Endless Pools
2019 Aqua Bike for Endless Pools

Aqua Bike Specifications:

• 18" x 40" x 58.5" max. dimensions
• 18" x 40" x 45.5" min. dimensions
• 20.9 lb / 9.5kg
• For cyclists up to 6'7" and 330 pounds
• Aluminum frame
• Adjustable legs, handlebars, seat
• 2-year warranty
• Zinc sacrificial anode
• Water bottle holder
• Sports ergonomics
• Fast drainage

The water bike has no speed settings. To increase resistance, simply pedal faster! The water bike puts you in complete control of your speed so you control your swim spa workout.

It is deal for low to medium-intensity workouts. If you want a more challenging ride, the water bike can be positioned in front of the Endless Pools swim current.

If you are a serious athlete, imagine training for an entire triathlon in your own pool while you swim, run, and bike. You are all set – at home in your swim spa – anytime you want to train.

The Aqua Bike’s has a simple and quick assembly with its 5-piece frame. And at only 20.9 pounds, anyone can easily use this bike.

If you want to enjoy a great spin, consider the Aqua Bike made specifically for Endless Pools swim spas. You will have a great time and a great workout.

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